Silver IDC Phuket

The Kiwidiver Silver IDC Phuket package is our entry level package that allows those on a budget to still have access to the high quality Kiwidiver IDC training with a lower investment.

You will need to arrange your own accommodation (we have some recommendations for you). You will still have access to our highly productive 2 day IDC prep package and still complete our full 12 day Thailand IDC program.

As with all our IDC’s you have access to the same equipment pricing benefits and the same Tec Explorer day.

We include Nitrox Instructor (if you meet the prerequisites) and O2 Instructor with all our IDC Phuket packages as they are probably the two most common to sell as an instructor (especially after our sales workshop) and they are two skills that we believe are important for Instructors.

We have a complete range of Instructor Specialty courses that can be added to your IDC Phuket package at your request.

4 students on our IDC Phuket program

As our IDC Phuket candidates come from all over the world and from all sorts of backgrounds our two day Prep Course is designed to bring everybody to the same skill level and knowledge level ready to start the IDC. We identify any areas you need to focus on early so we can address them early. Dive Theory is one area that we find many candidates who haven’t done their Divemaster training with us require extra work. An easy way to prepare for your IDC is to complete PADI’s Dive Theory Online online course.

The other area we focus on is your in-water skill demonstrations. Watching the Divemaster Video skill demonstrations and practicing can help with this but dont worry you will get plenty of time in the pool to practice these. If you need more advice on preparing for your IDC please contact me for a personal interview.

Our 12 day Phuket IDC is one of the most complete IDC’s run here in Phuket. Yes the days are long and you wont have much time for anything else but our aim is to help you become the best Instructors that you can be and to be obviously standing out from the crowd as the most professional. As your Course Director I am present for every portion of your IDC. While some Course Directors leave much of the training up to their staff I take a personal interest in every aspect of your training.

Remember the IDC is the foundation for your future as a Diving Instructor and professional in the industry. You only do it once so you want to make sure it is the highest quality training that you can afford.

As with all our Phuket IDC’s we work with our candidates to prepare them for working in the industry as a professional and for those wanting help finding a position or setting up to work as an independent freelancer we have loads of advice and experience getting people started. During your IDC you are likely to meet some of our former IDC Phuket candidates who are still either working for us or in association with us as independent business owners. Your IDC could be the start of your own scuba diving business.

Contact me personally for more information

Pool training IDC Phuket program
The small class size meant more customized training and more time focused on improving my weak areas making the IE seem easy - Yui Tashatorn  
The pool is also great for the confined sessions, as we were the only ones ever in it and was big enough to perform all the skills without having to worry about space. If I do more training it will be with these guys. - Rob Meiklejohnn    


The high quality of teaching for the theory side of the IE meant that I went from getting 33% in practice exams to 100% in the I.E., and the pool and OW training made it so that we found the IE much easier than other candidates. - Jack Walton  


The amount of experience that we have gained in two weeks under Kevin's tuition has been phenomenal. - Ashish  


Because it was a smaller group size we were able to get personal attention. - Joe Nitchman  


I used kiwi diver after professional recommendations within the dive industry and was not disappointed. I received up to date training in a small group allowing for a lot of direct interaction and feedback with Kevin. - Sam Ponsford  


Extremely thorough with everything, the days were long but when the I.E came along, it was so easy, as we had been so well prepared. - Rob  


Sean De Boer diving
IDC Boot Camp with drill sargent Kevin Black. Be all you can be. - Sean De Boer
We don't teach people how to pass The IE. We provide high quality training on how to become one of the best instructors in the industry and how to teach to the highest standards.     By taking the time and providing the personalized attention to our candidates we are rewarded with watching them develop into true dive professionals. The Instructor Examination then becomes just another day at work. - Kevin Black, Course Director @ Kiwidiver