IDC Thailand – Gold Package

Phukets most popular IDC Thailand package includes all the features of our silver package, Two day prep course, Full 12 day IDC, EFR,CFC Instructor, O2 Instructor & Nitrox Instructor as well as our renowned MSDT Prep.

As a new Instructor one of the most important things you can show prospective employers is that you are serious about your training and continuing your training. Also the financial benefits of being able to sell more and teach more attracts many employers. Often dive shop managers wont even consider new Instructors that cant teach additional specialties.

Kiwidiver is recognized as the Specialty Specialists with over 50% of the non-professional course taught in the last 5 years being specialty courses. We have one of the highest ratios of PADI specialty courses in the Asia Pacific region. We actively teach nearly every PADI specialty course there is (with exception of things like Ice Diving) and have a selection of PADI Distinctive Specialty courses that we have helped promote like Seahorse Identification.

IDC Thailand with Kiwidiver

Kiwidiver Gold Includes 14 days free accommodation just across the road from the Kiwidiver shop.
Although these rooms are basic they do include everything you need for the duration of your stay. Large bed, air conditioning, wifi, fridge, balcony, security and everything serviced daily. And the best thing of course is they are less than 2 minutes walk from the Kiwidiver IDC Center and 5 minutes walk to the pier where all the dive boats leave from as well as being surrounded by a selection of services, shops, restaurants and bars.

IDC Thailand MSDT training

Completing your Master Scuba Diver Trainer is serious business. When applying for work you want to be a cut above the rest and not just a Open Water Scuba Instructor. There is little point in my opinion short cutting your qualifications by having a piece of paper saying you are qualified to teach something but not having the proper training or experience to back it up. As a dive center owner I am sick of instructors walking in my door saying they are qualified to teach my customers but have no experience to back it up.

At Kiwidiver we have the advantage that we are teaching these specialties all the time so we are able to have candidates assist on real live courses or as part of your IDC Thailand gold package can run indepth training to ensure your knowledge and skill level is at a level where we would be happy you teaching our customers. Our specialty instructor program takes longer and requires more dives than the PADI minimum requirement however you will be a better diver and better Instructor at the end of it.

We have Instructors and Course Directors from all over the world traveling to Kiwidiver to compete their specialty training or specialty Instructor training with IDC Thailand Course Director, Kevin Black.

Our IDC Thailand MSDT prep specialty package includes 5 regular Instructor Specialties on top of the Nitrox Instructor and O2 Instructor that we provide every new Instructor coming through our IDC Thailand program. Some specialties may incur additional costs (DPV rental for example) but with most, everything is included. PADI fees for each Instructor rating are paid direct to PADI.

Sidemount Instructor Course. Yes we can include PADI Sidemount Instructor as part of the IDC Thailand MSDT program however it takes the place of two regular specialty instructor courses. The reason for this is simple. We take sidemount seriously so we teach a lot of things additional to the basic sidemount requirements in the PADI course. You will receive training on additional fine tuning and configuration that goes well beyond the regular course.

Kiwidiver is also the only PADI IDC center in Phuket that teaches both

PADI Tec Instructors and PADI Rebreather Instructors.

The small class size meant more customized training and more time focused on improving my weak areas making the IE seem easy - Yui Tashatorn  
The pool is also great for the confined sessions, as we were the only ones ever in it and was big enough to perform all the skills without having to worry about space. If I do more training it will be with these guys. - Rob Meiklejohnn    


The high quality of teaching for the theory side of the IE meant that I went from getting 33% in practice exams to 100% in the I.E., and the pool and OW training made it so that we found the IE much easier than other candidates. - Jack Walton  


The amount of experience that we have gained in two weeks under Kevin's tuition has been phenomenal. - Ashish  


Because it was a smaller group size we were able to get personal attention. - Joe Nitchman  


I used kiwi diver after professional recommendations within the dive industry and was not disappointed. I received up to date training in a small group allowing for a lot of direct interaction and feedback with Kevin. - Sam Ponsford  


Extremely thorough with everything, the days were long but when the I.E came along, it was so easy, as we had been so well prepared. - Rob  


Sean De Boer diving
IDC Boot Camp with drill sargent Kevin Black. Be all you can be. - Sean De Boer
We don't teach people how to pass The IE. We provide high quality training on how to become one of the best instructors in the industry and how to teach to the highest standards.     By taking the time and providing the personalized attention to our candidates we are rewarded with watching them develop into true dive professionals. The Instructor Examination then becomes just another day at work. - Kevin Black, Course Director @ Kiwidiver