Instructor Speciality Courses

Kiwidiver has one of the most comprehensive selection of Instructor Speciality courses available. Whether you are just looking for one particular Instructor rating or preparing for Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Kiwidiver has got something for everyone.

Some of our most popular include:
– Enriched Air
– Wreck
– Sidemount
– Deep
– Underwater Videographer
– Underwater Naturalist
– Multilevel Diver
– Equipment Specialist
– Night Diver
– Underwater Navigator
– Search & Recovery
– Diver Propulsion Vehicle
– Emergency Oxygen Provider
– Underwater Photographer
– Digital Underwater Photography
– Drift
– Dry Suit
– Fish Identification
– Underwater Naturalist
– Night Diver
– Boat

along with a number of Distinctive Speciality Instructor courses, the full range of Tec Instructor and Tec Speciality courses and Rebreather Instructor courses.

Instructor Speciality Courses
Instructor Speciality Courses

One of the best ways you can further your career as a scuba instructor is to learn to teach more things. Now you dont need to learn them all at once but if you pick a few areas you are interested in and develop new skills to teach those subjects not only will you get more work but you will have a lot more fun

Employers like kiwidiver look for Instructors that are dedicated to their profession and continuously learning new skills to develop themselves both as a diver and as an Instructor. Becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor is just the beginning of your new adventure. Why not talk to us about your options to develop further.

Kiwidiver is your ideal training partner as we actively dive for fun not just for teaching so you will find we have lots of real world experiences to share with you.

Next Phuket IDC

The next Phuket IDC is scheduled for July 2017

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CCR Instructor

The next Phuket CCR Instructor Course is scheduled for April 2017

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Tec Instructor

The next Phuket Tec Instructor Course is scheduled for May 2017

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