Kiwidiver Instructor and divemaster Internships

Kiwidiver Internships

Kiwidiver has a range of Internships for both Divemaster and Instructor Candidates. we also have Internships for our Technical diving and Rebreather training. Although each Internship is based on a package we customize the training for each individual to meet their personal needs and goals. Each Internship is overseen by one of our Course Directors to ensure targets and goals are met to the highest standard.

Or Internships are unpaid as it is illegal to work in Thailand without a valid work permit. (More Info) and all your work experience will be under direct supervision of a experienced Staff Instructor or Course Director and covered by their work permit and liability insurance. We wont allow or force you to work illegally. Not only does this protect you but it also gives you valuable experience as you are always working with an experienced professional.

Our Internship programs are about providing a fast track program with intensive training to give you a large amount of high quality training and experience in the shortest possible time. Talk to one of our Course Directors now to plan your custom Internship Program


Divemaster Internships

The Kiwidiver Divemaster Internship program assumes you are already a qualified rescue diver with 40 to 50 dives. If you are not then thats no problem we can ad a little bit of time onto the beginning of the course to get you there.

The PADI Divemaster course is the central component however with the kiwidiver internship we add a lot of additional training to help you become an experienced, employable divemaster. You can expect to complete a number of PADI specialties, learn how to operate and maintain the compressor, mix gas, service equipment as well as of course lots of diving.

The program prepares you fully with additional skill training and knowledge development preparing you for continuing your career and becoming an instructor. Our divemaster interns who go on to complete their instructor training always comment on how much better prepared they were in the IDC than the candidates who didn’t complete their Divemaster training with Kiwidiver. Ask us today about customizing a divemaster program for you.

Instructor Internships

The Kiwidiver Instructor program is one of the most rewarding an fastest ways to go from zero to hero. It includes many customizable options to take you from where ever you are now in your diving career to becoming one of the most sort after professional Instructors in the industry.

You will be going through all the way to Master Scuba Diver Trainer and will gain valuable work experience working with our team of dive professionals either at our dive center or one of our partner centers.

We only take two candidates per year on this program so there can sometimes be a waiting list. Each candidate is interviewed prior to acceptance. If you would like to know more about our Instructor program please talk to one of our Course Directors today.

Instructor Internships
Tec Internships

Tec Internships

One of our most popular programs is our Tec Internship.  If you are already  PADI Instructor and want to expand your training and your teaching opportunities then we can take you from a non tec diver through all the tec courses to instructor including all the tec diving experience you need to become an effective PADI Tec Deep Instructor.

Tec diving is not for everyone and many candidates have commented that this intensive program has been the most challenging but the most rewarding training they have done. The training ca be done on either back mount or sidemount and can include options to teach both.

As with all our Instructor programs the course is customized to fit with your existing level of training and also to fit with the time you have available to complete it in. normal it takes a minimum of 30 days training however level of existing experience can e a consideration. The more time you can give us the more experience we can give you. Please talk to our award winning Tec Instructor Trainer Kevin Black about a program for you.

Rebreather Internships

Another of our most popular programs is our Rebreather Internship. Designed for existing PADI Instructors who want to get into teaching rebreathers or just want to gain a mountain of experience in a short time between high seasons. No previous rebreather diving required and in a little as a month we can do all your training from recreational rebreather diver level to Instructor level.

The program may include Tec 40 CCR diver level. (depending on which rebreather you are training on)

As Kiwidiver have the largest selection of different makes and models of rebreather in Thailand that can be used on the PADI rebreather courses your training may cover training on more than one unit. We also have the best prices and most experience on these units.

The course is customized to fit with the time you have available to complete it in however normally you can expect a minimum of 30 days training however any existing experience can be a consideration.

Please talk to our award winning Rebreather Instructor Trainer Kevin Black about the right program for you.

The small class size meant more customized training and more time focused on improving my weak areas making the IE seem easy - Yui Tashatorn  
The pool is also great for the confined sessions, as we were the only ones ever in it and was big enough to perform all the skills without having to worry about space. If I do more training it will be with these guys. - Rob Meiklejohnn    


The high quality of teaching for the theory side of the IE meant that I went from getting 33% in practice exams to 100% in the I.E., and the pool and OW training made it so that we found the IE much easier than other candidates. - Jack Walton  


The amount of experience that we have gained in two weeks under Kevin's tuition has been phenomenal. - Ashish  


Because it was a smaller group size we were able to get personal attention. - Joe Nitchman  


I used kiwi diver after professional recommendations within the dive industry and was not disappointed. I received up to date training in a small group allowing for a lot of direct interaction and feedback with Kevin. - Sam Ponsford  


Extremely thorough with everything, the days were long but when the I.E came along, it was so easy, as we had been so well prepared. - Rob  


Sean De Boer diving
IDC Boot Camp with drill sargent Kevin Black. Be all you can be. - Sean De Boer
We don't teach people how to pass The IE. We provide high quality training on how to become one of the best instructors in the industry and how to teach to the highest standards.     By taking the time and providing the personalized attention to our candidates we are rewarded with watching them develop into true dive professionals. The Instructor Examination then becomes just another day at work. - Kevin Black, Course Director @ Kiwidiver