Rebreather Instructor Training

Kiwidiver is one of the leading PADI Rebreather instructor & Tec Rebreather training centers based in Phuket. We offer all the PADI recreational and technical rebreather range of courses including:

Rebreather Diver
Advanced Rebreather Diver
Tec 40 CCR
Tec 60 CCR
Tec 100 CCR

We are the only PADI Rebreather Center in Thailand to offer courses on all three makes of rebreather on the PADI unit register. We teach on the Poseidon (MK6 / MK6T & Se7en), Hollis (Explorer) and the APD (Inspiration & Evolution)

Kiwidiver also offers Rebreather Instructor courses for suitably qualified applicants.

Rebreather Instructor
Rebreather Instructor

Rebreather Instructor – Fast track

Becoming a rebreather diver and even a rebreather instructor with Kiwidiver is easy and dosnt take as long as you might imagine. With the rapid growth in the recreational rebreather market rebreather instructors are in high demand.

The Rebreather Diver and Advanced rebreather diver courses can be combined onto one course and completed in just four days (although we recommend five days). During this time you will learn about rebreather diving and in particular how it applies to the unit you choose to do the course on. There are many different types of rebreather and the course is unit specific so you will need to choose a unit first to start on. Dont worry, as Thailands leading rebreather center we have all the different brands available for the PADI course and because we dive and teach them all we can give you totally unbiased advice on which unit is best for you. No other dive center in Phuket can offer this.

Once you have completed your PADi Rebreather Diver & Advanced Diver course you need to get to a minimum total of 30 hours and 30 dives before starting your Instructor course. As you will have already done some of the dives / hours on you diver level course this is really only a couple of weeks diving.

However a certain level of competency is required to meet the grade as an Instructor so some people may need longer than others to meet the standard. If you have done your diver level with Kiwidiver then we will have already told you which areas you need to work on to meet the grade as an instructor. If you trained elsewhere you may want to do a check dive with Kiwidiver so we can asses your competency before committing to a Instructor course.

It might be an opportunity to enjoy a few days of diving some of the fantastic local rebreather dive sites or join us on one of our rebreather liveaboards. We will buddy you up with an Instructor or Instructor trainer so you can use this time to increase your knowledge.

You will also have a chance to join us as we teach other CCR courses to prepare for your CCR instructor course in Phuket. The Instructor course itself only takes a couple of days.

CCR Instructor