Tec Instructor Training

Kiwidiver is the leading PADI Technical training center based in Phuket. We offer the complete range of genuine PADI Tec courses from tec diver to tec Instructor including:

Open Circuit Courses(both back mount and sidemount)
Tec 40
Tec 45
Tec 50
Tec 65
Tec Trimix

Tec Sidemount

Kiwidiver also offers Tec Instructor and Tec Sidemount Instructor courses in all levels for suitably qualified applicants.


Tec Instructor Course
PADI Tec Instructor

While technical diving is not for everyone and demands a lot higher attention to detail than many divers want to commit the rewards in becoming a technical diver or a technical diving instructor are there for those willing to invest in the training and commit the effort required to enter the tec diving world.

New dive sites and even previously undiscovered dive sites or wrecks await those who are prepared to venture beyond recreational limits. Kiwidiver helps train and develop safe adventurous diving through intensive knowledge and skill development so that you can explore the world beyond recreational diving.

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Tec Instructor Training 

PADI Tec Instructor courses are  designed to teach modern advanced technical diving techniques with the state of the art PADI training methodology. PADI Tec Instructors are among the most sort after instructors for the top positions in today’s rapidly developing dive centers due to the demand for these courses.

The courses are challenging even for the most experienced diver and when you undertake your Tec Instructor program we expect that you are already an experienced technical diver and are only fine tuning your teaching methodology. If you dont think you yet have the experience in technical diving to be responsible for students at depth then please let us know and join us for some experience gaining technical dives where we can help you gain the necessary experience before you join a Tec Instructor Course.

Kiwidiver regularly conduct technical dives to previously unexplored areas that are ideal for you to gain more experience and fine tune your skills.