The Kiwidiver Difference
Features and benefits of the Thailand IDC with Kiwidiver

Class Size

At Kiwidiver we are focused on quality not quantity which is why we limit our Thailand IDC class size to a maximum of 4 candidates. This way you get a more candidate focused IDC with more concentration on the areas you need work on and more individual attention from me your Course Director. I take personal attention to all my student before, during and after your Thailand IDC with regular consultations and personal coaching.

I am available for the entire duration of the IDC and dont leave you in the hands of unsupervised staff or trainees. I will be there with you for support during your instructor examination (IE) and celebrate with you after you pass.

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Small class size garanteed

Single Language

While if you don’t speak English having a Course Director or training staff translate everything to you could be seen as a benefit, if you do speak English, having everything repeated in another language can be distracting and detrimental to your learning. It is not uncommon for Thailand IDC’s to be conducted in multiple languages just to increase their class size.

I only speak English so the entire IDC is done in English. If English is not your first language I do have staff that can translate a particular word or who can explain what something means in French or Thai but the course is conducted in English as are the exams.

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English Language IDC only

100% First Time Pass Rate

Many Thailand IDC’s offer a Guaranteed Pass. Really what they are saying is that if you do not pass the IE on your first attempt they will let you sit through another IDC free of charge. Of course at Kiwidiver we offer the same however we have never had any of our candidates fail an IE or portion of an IE.

If however something were to go wrong we would of course be there to help. If you required additional training we would help with one on one coaching and if necessary you would be able to sit through our next scheduled IDC completely free of charge.

If at the end of your IDC either you do not feel ready to sit the Instructor Examination (IE) or if we recommend that you are not ready then you are able to participate in our next scheduled Thailand IDC completely free of charge.

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100% pass rate IDC

Staff Experience

As an award winning Course Director I draw on my experience teaching both Technical Diving Instructors and Rebreather Instructors. Many dive center owners and Course Directors from around the world travel to us here at Kiwidiver to achieve Technical & Rebreather training. I have received awards for teaching more PADI Rebreather and PADI Technical courses than any other Instructor in the Asia Pacific region for 2013 / 2014. This depth of experience is passed on during your Thailand IDC.

I first started teaching in the cold waters of the UK and have taught and dived all over the world and have managed or owned dive centers in the UK, Egypt and Thailand giving me valuable insight to the dive environments that you may end up working in. I have a wealth of experience with light commercial diving and cold water technical wreck diving as well as rebreather diving down to 100+ meters.

This experience and that of my hand picked staff adds a flavor to our IDC not found elsewhere in other Thailand IDC’s. You will notice the experience coming through when listening to our presentations and when diving with us.

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Experienced staff at the Thailand IDC in Phuket

Business Experience

Once a freelance instructor, then a dive center owner and now a course director, unlike many of the other Course Directors I am not just an employee or contractor to the dive center I am the owner of a successful, growing dove shop in a competitive market. This provides a different viewpoint on the industry and if you are interested in one day owning or managing your own dive center this in-depth understanding of how the industry works from a hands on viewpoint will make a difference.

I have a background in commercial business having held senior management positions in both New Zealand and the UK and although I gave up the corporate London based work for a lifestyle in Scuba Diving many of the skills I had developed managing business have contributed to the success of my diving business.

Some of the additional workshops and business discussions conducted during your Thailand IDC with Kiwidiver will give you a deeper understanding to conducting business either as a employee, freelance contractor or business owner in this very competitive market.

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Thailand IDC Business training

Wet Course Director

I spend more time in the water diving actively teaching diver level courses including Open Water and Discover Scuba than I spend teaching Thailand IDC’s. I have recent hands on experience teaching the courses I will be teaching you to teach  and would rather be on the boat teaching than sitting in the office or classroom.

Many Course Directors cant remember the last time they taught an Open Water course whereas I am passionate about not just teaching instructor level courses but teaching all aspects of diving. Understanding the difficulties and challenges you will face as an instructor is an important part of becoming not just a text book instructor but a highly proficient instructor. During your Thailand IDC I will be discussing many of the solutions to local diving issues we face here today diving in Phuket.

The Instructor Specialties I teach are all specialties that I actively teach at diver level and I actively teach Tec & Rebreather at diver level as well as Instructor level.

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Wet course director on the boat

Classroom & Pool

Our well lit air-conditioned classroom with both paper and digital library of PADI material is on it’s own floor in the dive center has a full state of the art digital media suite and 50 inch smart TV provides a full modern interactive learning environment with all the latest PADI material and programs.

With it’s own divers lounge with tea, coffee and water and own bathroom the dedicated IDC floor of our dive center provides a learning area free of distractions from everything else going on in the dive center. Our spacious classroom is well lit by natural light and air conditioned for your comfort.

The large private pool we use for IDC’s is deep enough (5m) in the deep end to allow for us to really work on some of your Open Water skills like decent and accents before getting in the sea resulting in a higher quality learning experience. The pool is also not crowded with other dive centers trying to teach courses while you are trying to find space in the pool.

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Thailand IDC classroom


Kiwidiver is not just a retailer of dive equipment, we also import and distribute some brands of equipment. So while we offer the same instructor discount on all regular equipment that other IDC centers offer we also can offer further discount on some of the brands that we import directly. We also have a selection of quality equipment available for our candidates to use should airline allowances be insufficient for you to bring your own.

Because we are also a technical diving center our school equipment is of the highest standard. I want to know that I can grab any set of school regulators off the shelf and take them to 100m if I need to. We are qualified to service and maintain all our equipment in house. We can blend our own Nitrox and Trimix on site and have boosting facilities to boost Oxygen to 200 bar. We have a lot of specialized equipment to ensure you are working with only the best.

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Thailand IDC Equipment

Rebreather Courses

Kiwidiver is well known globally for rebreather courses both diver level and instructor levels. We are the only PADI IDC center in Phuket that provides both recreational and technical rebreather courses. We have the widest selection of rebreathers ( 8 rebreathers in total) from Poseidon, Hollis and Ambient Pressure Diving (APD). We provide both diver level and instructor level courses and can provide a special package for IDC candidates.

As a rebreather Instructor / Instructor Trainer I have worked with dive centers both here in Thailand and abroad to help them set up their rebreather programs. I have represented PADI, The manufacturers and the distributors in events to promote rebreather diving. As my Thailand IDC candidates you will get an insight into this rapidly growing exciting new area of the industry that will leave you with a better understanding than most on the future of this market.

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Phukets largest range of PADI rebreather courses

Technical Courses

More people choose Kiwidiver for their PADI Technical courses than any other dive center in Thailand. With the widest selection of technical courses and the proper equipment onsite Kiwidver is a leader in technical diver education. We provide both diver level and instructor level courses and can provide a special package for IDC candidates.

I started teaching PADI Tec courses in the cold waters of UK and Europe many years ago (the first PADI Tec Deep Program) and was fortunate enough to dive many of the deeper wrecks around the UK. These experiences shine through in everything that we do and as Thailand IDC candidates you will benifit from this well grounded experience. Everything from advanced equipment configurations to teaching mindset will help you become a better diver and a superior instructor. My IDC candidates often stand out as obviously being more squared away.

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thailand technical diving courses
The small class size meant more customized training and more time focused on improving my weak areas making the IE seem easy - Yui Tashatorn  
The pool is also great for the confined sessions, as we were the only ones ever in it and was big enough to perform all the skills without having to worry about space. If I do more training it will be with these guys. - Rob Meiklejohnn    


The high quality of teaching for the theory side of the IE meant that I went from getting 33% in practice exams to 100% in the I.E., and the pool and OW training made it so that we found the IE much easier than other candidates. - Jack Walton  


The amount of experience that we have gained in two weeks under Kevin's tuition has been phenomenal. - Ashish  


Because it was a smaller group size we were able to get personal attention. - Joe Nitchman  


I used kiwi diver after professional recommendations within the dive industry and was not disappointed. I received up to date training in a small group allowing for a lot of direct interaction and feedback with Kevin. - Sam Ponsford  


Extremely thorough with everything, the days were long but when the I.E came along, it was so easy, as we had been so well prepared. - Rob  


Sean De Boer diving
IDC Boot Camp with drill sargent Kevin Black. Be all you can be. - Sean De Boer
We don't teach people how to pass The IE. We provide high quality training on how to become one of the best instructors in the industry and how to teach to the highest standards.     By taking the time and providing the personalized attention to our candidates we are rewarded with watching them develop into true dive professionals. The Instructor Examination then becomes just another day at work. - Kevin Black, Course Director @ Kiwidiver